TPG Posts Amerinet Bracco Contract for Isovue, MultiHance, ProHance, Gastrografin, and Barium

In the member area of The Pain Group Web site, members can now access a short guide on how to leverage the Amerinet relationship, specifically for Bracco’s Isovueproduct. The guide outlines the steps, value proposition, distributors and more so that members can take advantage of the negotiated pricing between Amerinet and Bracco.

All of the information is located securly in the member area and you must be a member to review all of the information; however, here are the steps involved:

The Pain Group Guide to Leveraging the Amerinet Bracco Contrast Media Contract

Summarized Steps

  • Sign The Pain Group & Amerinet Member Agreements
  • Review Bracco – TPG/Amerinet contract summary
    1. Bracco_TPG_Amerinet_Contract_Summary.pdf
  • Review pricing, plus preferred distributors and distributor markups found in this document
  • Execute the Bracco Letter of Commitment
    1. Please include all account details
    2. Include preferred distributor(s)
    3. Sign and fax back to Bracco
  • Review Bracco Isovue Package Insert
    1. Isovue-M Package Insert.pdf
  • Contact Distributor representative and notify them that you are a Pain Group / Amerinet member and that under the TPG/Amerinet contract you have signed a Letter of Commitment with Bracco

The contract covers all Bracco Contract Media products including Isovue,MultiHanceProHanceGastrografin, and Barium.

As other contracts come on board, members can expect to see similar guides with instructions on how to take advantage of the relationships and agreement that The Pain Group and Amerinet have in place for pain management practices.

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