Surgical Tables, Inc. Joins The Pain Group to Provide Group Pricing on Pain Tables

The Pain Group and Surgical Tables, Inc. have reached an agreement to provide group pricing to all TPG members. Surgical tables are the backbone of patient surgical procedures in pain management and play a vital role that is often overlooked. Surgical Tables, Inc. produces high quality products and at group rates it’s a
win for all members.

About Surgical Tables, Inc.

Providing a flexible solution for the medical & budgetary concerns of all surgical environments.

Designed to support the latest advancements in surgical procedures and imaging techniques, setting the standard for operating efficiency.

Attractive ratio of price to performance frees up space in your investment planning and the rugged engineering features keep your follow up costs low.

Offers fully automated adjustment of all table functions for safe, trauma free positioning of the patient without compromising the health & safety of the medical staff.

Surgical Tables Incorporated (STI) manufactures medical devices that are compliant with the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) Code of Federal Regulation 21 Subchapter J Part 1020 Section 30 (CFR21 Subchapter J part 1020.30), the performance standard for ionizing radiation emitting products. Additionally, STI’s products are manufactured according to the Food & Drug Administrations (FDA) Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP’s).

Versatility, technology, cost, safety & compliance. For all these reasons and more Surgical Tables Inc. is fast becoming the industry leader in surgical table quality.

Company Location
Surgical Tables Inc. is a medical manufacturer based in Middleton Massachusetts.

Company Focus
We concentrate on major health care markets with significant growth potential, driven by the demand for better, more cost-effective treatments that offer people an improved quality of care.

Current Developments
STI is dedicated to providing surgeons innovative patient platforms on which to perform cutting edge surgical procedures. As medicine advances towards better patient care, more and more surgeries are using minimally invasive techniques. These minimally invasive techniques require real-time imaging coupled with unobstructed access. The operating room tables currently used today are designed for open operations where real-time imaging is not required. The materials used and overall design impedes real time imaging. Although not insurmountable, the current operating room table designs do pose a “hurdle” for the revolutionary surgeon or interventionalist to get over in order to complete their task.

The operating room table of the future must be designed to meet the requirements of all specialties utilizing minimally invasive techniques while supporting open procedures that continue to exist. At Surgical Tables Incorporated we are dedicated to bridging the gap between today and tomorrow. We see the need for a better solution to the current operating room tables and we are excited to be working on this project. We have named the project the MIS. The MIS will revolutionize the operating rooms of tomorrow. The production units will be similar but have many features we are unable to disclose at this time due to pending patents.

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Turnkey Orthotics & DME Managed Service for Pain Management Practices

The Pain Group and Premier Medical Services have teamed up to bring additional revenue to pain management practices for spinal and extremity orthotics.

DME has often been shied away from as an incremental revenues stream by many practices, due to the unique complexity and profitability risks this unique and often challenging niche reimbursement structure this business requires.

Premier has recognized this challenge, and developed a market leading  turnkey orthotics and DME managed service, designed to provide target specialties the best of both worlds — the benefit of capturing this ancillary revenue, but at same time mitigate the risks and headaches associated with doing it profitably.

In conjunction with The Pain Group GPO, the service has been designed to provide the following benefits to your practice;

  • Improve the bottom-line of your pain management practice or surgical center.
    • Introduce painlessly incremental  ancillary revenue stream for pain practice
    • Increase collections rates — Through DME Experts managing complex billing/collections process
    • Utilize state of art — DME specific — billing and collections systems & management reporting
  • Reduce risk
    • Eliminate capital investment and potential inventory losses through risk mitigated fee schedule approach
    • Ensure ongoing regulatory compliance through program management oversight
  • Optimize profit by allowing your staff to remain focused on core business
    • Program set-up and ongoing management is managed by Premier Medical staff, reducing additional non-core work and staff stress
    • Removing  costly and unproductive ongoing operational required tasks from your staff specific to orthotics/DME processes
    • collections
  • Leverage Pain Management Fee Schedule
    • Take advantage of negotiated Pain Management GPO fee schedule to optimize practice profit

Premier Medical - Market Leading Turnkey Orthotics & DME Managed Service

Premier has experience working within Pain Management specialties, and over 15+ years of proven custom orthotics & DME clinical expertise.   Our clinical staff is made up of licensed Orthotists and nationally recognized board certified Orthotic Fitters to ensure we can effectively advise and support your local team.  Premier is accredited by the Joint Commission, the gold standard, to ensure we comply with & provide consistent, properly managed support to you and your extended patient base.   Premier has also secured some of the best legal advisors in the industry, to ensure proper program regulatory oversight is administered on your behalf, so you don’t have to.

All of this is done, to provide a high level of quality service to you and your patients, and improved practice profitability, with minimal risk and headaches.  The ability to leverage our expertise, buying power, and focused specialized staff — allows us to provide a superior service at attractive rates compared to the actual costs you would incur in attempting to establish a similar service on your own.

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The Pain Group, Amerinet, & CuraScript Provide Pharmacy Pricing to Members

The Pain Group has teamed up with CuraScript and Amerinet to provide group pricing to all of its pain management members for corticosteroids, local anesthetics, conscious sedation, and more. Adding a pharmacy component to the membership portfolio is yet another huge benefit for pain management practices who are members of TPG.

The Pain Group Amerinet CuraScript

CuraScript, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Express Scripts, Inc., one of the nation’s largest Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM’s). As an experienced leader in the specialty pharmacy industry, CuraScript specializes in providing specialty medications and support to individuals with chronic illnesses requiring these complex, high-cost therapies.

CuraScript employs over 2,500 team members and is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. In addition to our state-of-the-art dispensing facility in Orlando, we have a network of satellite distribution pharmacies, including a hemophilia center of excellence, and several infusion centers located across the United States.

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The Pain Group Teams Up with U.S. Compounding via NeuroTherm for Pain Management Practices

The Pain Group has contracted with U.S. Compounding, via NeuroTherm, for National, top tier pricing for all pain management members. NeuroTherm is an official distributor for U.S. Compounding, PCAB Accredited┢, a trusted source of the highest quality compounded medications for physician clinics, hospitals, and surgery centers throughout the United States. Patient safety and customer satisfaction are shared values of NeuroTherm and U.S. Compounding.

The Pain Group Teams Up with U.S. Compounding via NeuroTherm for Pain Management Practices

Since 1995, US Compounding has provided the highest quality compounded medications with the latest technology in the compounding world. Our compounds are tested by a DEA and FDA registered lab to ensure sterility and quality. US Compounding specializes in injectables, ophthalmic preparations, bioidentical hormone replacement, and topical compounds for pain. Specialty injections include corticosteroids, preservative free compounds, hormones, and vitamin and amino acid replacement.

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Amerinet and The Pain Group (TPG) Team to Provide Group Purchasing Services Specific to Pain Management

St. Louis (November 17, 2010) – Amerinet, a leading national healthcare group purchasing organization and The Pain Group (TPG) have completed a national account agreement which will bring savings, efficiency and new sources of revenue to practices and physicians within the pain management specialty.

“The Pain Management specialty is an exciting and growing field with many advances and new treatments for patients, but the costs of treatments are on the rise while reimbursement rates continue to fall,” said Matt McBride, co-founder of The Pain Group. “Our partnership with Amerinet will allow TPG to assist providers in controlling costs and enhancing the quality of care for patients.”

TPG currently services members in more than 30 states and is the only group purchasing organization specific to pain management. Based in Jacksonville, Fla., the group has been able to build a large membership base in under a year. Through this strategic partnership, Amerinet and TPG will be able to deliver contracts to members in key categories such as contrast dyesteroidsradiofrequency supplies and many more.

“Chronic pain is estimated to affect more than 80 million American adults to some degree. Pain management is a growing specialty and these services are very important to the patients who suffer from recurring pain. With TPG’s focus specifically on the pain management niche and the reach of Amerinet’s contract base, the two organizations should be able to bring true value to this segment,” said Steve Tackett, vice president of national accounts and non-acute sales for Amerinet.

The organizations will launch a marketing effort to educate existing members and other pain facilities on the enhanced benefits of partnering with Amerinet and TPG to control costs and improve patient care. Communication and training will begin in November to existing members in order to familiarize them with product ordering and documentation procedures.

About The Pain Group
The Pain Group (TPG) is the first group purchasing organization to bring comprehensive pricing and services specific to pain management practices. TPG strives for continuous improvement in savings, new revenue and technology. TPG’s mission is to build a comprehensive portfolio of market-leading suppliers and manufacturers that will enhance top and bottom line performance while increasing operational efficiencies in pain management facilities across the United States. To learn more about TPG, visit

About Amerinet 
As a leading national healthcare group purchasing organization, Amerinet collaborates with acute and alternate care providers to create and deliver unique solutions through performance improvement resources, guidance and ongoing support. With better product standardization and utilization, new financial tools beyond contracting and alliances that help lower costs, raise revenue and champion quality, Amerinet enriches healthcare delivery for its members and the communities they serve. To learn more about how Amerinet can help you successfully navigate the future of healthcare reform, visit

Original article on Amerinet’s Web site can be found here:

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TPG Posts Amerinet Bracco Contract for Isovue, MultiHance, ProHance, Gastrografin, and Barium

In the member area of The Pain Group Web site, members can now access a short guide on how to leverage the Amerinet relationship, specifically for Bracco’s Isovueproduct. The guide outlines the steps, value proposition, distributors and more so that members can take advantage of the negotiated pricing between Amerinet and Bracco.

All of the information is located securly in the member area and you must be a member to review all of the information; however, here are the steps involved:

The Pain Group Guide to Leveraging the Amerinet Bracco Contrast Media Contract

Summarized Steps

  • Sign The Pain Group & Amerinet Member Agreements
  • Review Bracco – TPG/Amerinet contract summary
    1. Bracco_TPG_Amerinet_Contract_Summary.pdf
  • Review pricing, plus preferred distributors and distributor markups found in this document
  • Execute the Bracco Letter of Commitment
    1. Please include all account details
    2. Include preferred distributor(s)
    3. Sign and fax back to Bracco
  • Review Bracco Isovue Package Insert
    1. Isovue-M Package Insert.pdf
  • Contact Distributor representative and notify them that you are a Pain Group / Amerinet member and that under the TPG/Amerinet contract you have signed a Letter of Commitment with Bracco

The contract covers all Bracco Contract Media products including Isovue,MultiHanceProHanceGastrografin, and Barium.

As other contracts come on board, members can expect to see similar guides with instructions on how to take advantage of the relationships and agreement that The Pain Group and Amerinet have in place for pain management practices.

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The Pain Group Pain Management GPO Announces BalineMD Contract

Get $44,000 in ARRA / HITECH government stimulus incentives for using certified EHR technology

On February 17, 2009, President Obama signed the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. Under the stimulus plan, physicians can qualify for $44,000 in Medicare incentives and $ 65,000 in Medicaid incentives, through HITECH if they demonstrate “meaningful use” of an Electronic Health Record starting in 2011.

About BalineMD:

Since 1998, BalineMD has empowered physicians of all specialties to improve care, increase efficiency and maximize profitability through the successful implementation and utilization of the most sophisticated PM and EHR solutions in the industry. BalineMD partners with OmniMD(TM) as a value added Support organization to provide their award winning EHR and EPM systems while coupling them with BalineMD’s unmatched implementation strategy and superior support. Other services include Revenue Cycle Management for physician billing needs, Document Management solutions, practice level customization and Electronic Data Interchange. BalineMD suite of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management(PMS) product and services offer unparalleled reliability, ease-of-use, efficiency, and customizability. The comprehensive feature set is customer-driven, innovative and continuously updated to keep pace with rapid changes in healthcare industry. The specialty-specific EHR covers over 35 medical specialties, and is fully customizable to suit individual needs and workflow settings.

BalineMD, is a Branding partner of OmniMD™ (CCHIT Certified company) having 21 years of experience in EHR, Practice Management.

– Over 10000 plus physicians and 50 plus hospitals, nationwide use our certified EHR program

– OmniMD is CCHIT certified, Surescripts certified, covering about 35 different specialties

To find out more information or have a representative show you our product line please register and become a member of our Pain Management Groupat

About The Pain Group:

The Pain Group strives for continuous improvement in savings, new revenue, and technology. Our mission is to build a comprehensive portfolio of market-leading suppliers and manufactures that will enhance top and bottom line performance while increasing operational efficiencies in pain management facilities across the United States.

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